Considering Never Trusting People

to me Trust is a strong word and sadly many people take it as a joke, I've always had trouble trusting people. Since I over analyze things a bit the situation is even worse, one time to test a friend that I had I made up a confession that I like a girl we knew, who is also a friend of mine, the next day everyone I knew, asked me if it was true. Sad part about my experiment is that I ended up losing the friend that I had but I never trusted the guy I told the made up confession, or any person for that matter. I'm wondering is trusting people really necessary, is it necessary to risk humiliation and any kind of harm you may end up suffering just to tell someone?
Leingod189 Leingod189
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3 Responses Jul 10, 2010

I think, its because you trusted so easily before and a lot of times people betrayed that trust

Could not had said it better myself

If i can't trust a sister, let alone a friend. Trust is over-rated.