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My boyfriend is a gamer...larp, rpg,grinding, just about any game you can think of he's at the very least heard of. Sometimes (now this comes and goes) He'll play everyday, all day for a week straight and when I ask for anything likefor "us" time just a day for us and no games.... why does he get upset. Is he dissapointed or does he honestly not want to spend time with me. He seems to think when I am watching him play, it's us time. WTF!!??

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Time for him to grow up

I do understand what you are going through, the same happend to me.Find something to do remove your self from letting him know it really bothers you.When he gets a big dose of you really don't care any more,you have found something else you love doing!I can tell you the feeling inside you is the best!!.Men love to be in control, call his bluff you will be happy again.

I too am a gamer but things like this I have never understood. I play games because I have nothing else going on. My buddy does this to his fiance his excuse is so he can hang out with me and our other friends we live in different states. All I could say is try to talk to him about it.