I Can Say Too Much, Or Too Little...

If I want to talk, I will. If there is an issue, and I am with someone I feel I can discuss it with, without them misconstruing every last thing I say, then I will talk until I've talked everything out, and it's all ok again.
My problem is when I have an issue, like at work, where I feel (know) my boss will react badly to my asking the question.
So, I say nothing. I say nothing for so long, eventually I find the answer to my problem - but I think the boss is starting to wonder what I do all day, as my productivity isn't exactly immense.
It's always been like this for me, especially in that I can talk about other people's issues with them until they understand, regardless of the consequences.
I don't think this is rare, but it's really frustrating and if anyone knows a good book, or place for advice I'd appreciate it!!
cloudsoflife cloudsoflife
31-35, M
Jul 14, 2010