Its Not In Me

With the past Ive had i find it completely hard to trust anyone . I trust about 3 people , and some of the people at church  but for the most part im too scared because most people will screw you somehow and i dont want to give any one the chance to do it to me anymore . i dont like to make myself vulnerable to any one .. and i try to keep that from happening . very unhealthy defense mechanism but its worked so far . I just dont have many relationships .
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2 Responses Jan 4, 2008

I'm not very trusting either.... Just so you know though, it has torn down all the relationships I have. I don't trust my dad and his family, I don't trust my sister and her boyfriend, they are at my house frequently it sux... I learned lately that people will disapoint me no matter what. The important thing is that I fly high, and don't let it weigh me down with anger. The mistakes that were made were minor compared to what needs to be done to fix the damage. Most of the damage was to myself, denying friendship after friendship. Simply because of fear..... One foot in front of another right? Good luck :-)

That's the problem with being iffy about trust- it does hold off the relationships a bit.<br />
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but i totally understand.. i fell off the trust horse and am just not ready to get thrown again yet... maybe someday.