Not a Clue

So here's what I was told about trust as a kid...

My father always said "Never trust anyone, not even your father because he f^cked your mother". Now how screwed up would you be growing up with that??

Now there are so many sayings out there you could write a book... One that I like sums up to this... Screw me once your fault, screw me twice my fault...

Yeah I like that one... and I've hit that twice mark on more than one occasion but that's because I think w/ my heart. Not a biggie, don't even care much. We're all in this world together, all on the same ride but different roads, there are bumps and hills and we just hold on and try not to fall off. Have fun, laugh lots and SMILE... it ends way too soon.

Trust... just a word

mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
Jul 28, 2007