I Have Trust Issues

I have issues with trust just from being hurt alot in my life by men and people who i thought were "true friend's", but turned out to be two faced, so i don't have alot of trust in people in general.
But im hoping to be healed and whole one day that would be so cool to be "ïssue free" I do give people a chance but they ony get 1 now and i won't let myself be abused by any one no matter who they are.
So thats my story
Feflower Feflower
36-40, F
2 Responses Jul 30, 2007

There is nothing wrong with trust being a "Earned? commodity!<br />
Have a happy,<br />

you go girl. love your attitude. i've also been betrayed by "girl" friends as well. it takes alot to win my trust.