First Child

Since day one of my daughter's birth my MIL has become a control freak. She tries to contradict everything my husband and I do or say. Are you having this problem. Also, we have reason to believe that she is putting cereal in my daughters bottle without our consent. Kylie is going to be 3months old on March 1. Our doctor told us NO CEREAL until at least 4 months old. The reasons we think this is because:

1) Two of her bottles nipples were visibly cut with a knife. When I asked my MIL about this she said she accidentally did it.

2) Her spit up and bowel movements are a lot more solid.

3) She makes comments all the time like well it's not like I'm feeding her cereal.

4) Kylie has had stomach aches for the past week which consists of her drawing her legs up, screaming, and not sleeping well

I don't know what to do and I am so stressed out and worried about her health. Have you had any of these problems. What signs can I look for that may show that she is getting cereal. Do you think I am overreacting?

kyliesmommie kyliesmommie
Feb 26, 2009