A Young Girl ... Lost, Broken And Alone

I find it soo hard to talk to new people because i feel like they are going to judge me right away or that they can see right through my long sleeves hiding scars and fresh cuts along with fear and depression. I am bulimic and trying to recover, I Hat ho i am and have been through hell and back, From Having alcoholic parents growing up to being sexually abused by someone i thought i could trust as a kid. I have tried to kill myself 3times and the 3rd time was almost successful except my sister came home Right before i took the pills, I turn to cutting when i don't know what else to do. I don't have many friends due to the fact of i cannot trust people and the people i do trust i always end up losing, I'm scared to face everyday I hate school because of all the people around me I feel like such a failure and out of place no matter who i am with. I wish I could change everything about me. I often still think about suicide but i never let be more than just a thought and I have counseling and support groups. But if anyone ever wants to talk I'm here, I love helping people because i have no clue how to help myself.... So i guess thats it to this story. <3
TheWaySheFeels3 TheWaySheFeels3
18-21, F
Sep 4, 2012