From Wnting To Save The World To Cynic In One Easy Step

I use ot want to save the world. i designd and built a green energy device for countries with deforestation and fresh water issues, met a guy who said he could help, we set up a compnay and i agrreed not to take any money form it until we got a certain amount coming in, and he was going to cove all the bills while  was working..  I was invited to india to demonstrate teh device and came abck a week later with ten million pounds and a contract to build 3 factories. when i got abck, i went home o the house that i built myslef to relax. i was there abut an hour wehn there was a knock on the was a bailiff. no one had been paying the bills or the mortgage since we stated the company. htey gave me half an hour to get out and took everyting, i ended up on the streetsand have ever really recovered. Swore i would never trust anyoen again, so i when i got back on my feet i went and took an NLP lie detection course. Now i dont nee t trust much because i can cath 99 lies out of a hundred.

No one gets away with lying to me now.  I do feel i owe the guy who ran the course though. he has a wb site now at if you ever have  asufi or anyone else oferto help you out, go leanr this stuff. i think everyone should. If they can lie its a lot harde rfor them to let you down.
soapcrates soapcrates
Jun 3, 2011