I Feel Like A Detective...

I was with, my now ex husband, for 16 years.
During my marriage to him, he lied...a lot and cheated several times, 8 that I am aware of. It was like he was always addicted to the chase and couldn't stop looking for something better.

I spent a lot of my time searching for clues, because he simply would never be honest with me. I finally placed a digital recorder in my bedroom and caught him red handed. I feel that through the years of constantly looking for clues, I have become addicted to searching.

Now...I am in a relationship, with a man I feel I should trust...but I don't. I search the house for clues, I search his pockets, I look at internet history. We have discussed this and he has even given me the password to his e-mail so I can check it. He tells me he would never cheat on me. But I still have doubts.

Right now I just want to stop searching and believe in my relationship before I destroy it.

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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Does he know you search?