My Trust Issues

I just wanted to get this off my chest. I been having very bad trust issues and its beginning to be a problem. I find it hard trusting anyone with anything. If something needs to be done i have to see it done or do it myself so i know its done. Or if my gf decides to be secretive i become very worried because i cant trust that nothing bad will happen. I can usually just suppress it and tell myself that im being an idiot. I have just been let down by almost everyone iv known. Everyone i trust always lets me down in the worst way and like anything, enough of it can do damage. Currently iv been finding out my gf has been getting into some bad stuff. Just found out she is getting into drugs for the first time. Shes been a great gf and great person but shes been having a hard time lately. she lives a couple hours away from my house due to the fact we are going to different colleges and such. since i am not there to see for myself and make sure she is okay i am very worried our good relationship might get ruined. i keep having those thoughts in my head that keep trying to activate my defensive systems. such as blocking people out and becoming very independent which i logically know is not gonna be a good thing to do. I just cant trust that she is not gonna end up doing something stupid. Such as hurting herself or cheating, etc. Iv been there years ago and i know the destructiveness of this kinda situation and i am just not sure how i should handle it. My brain says shut it out and ignore it and message her tomorrow when its all over with and just hope for the best. but what if something happens? Should i try an just get her to realize what shes doing? Shes never given me any reason not to trust her, quite the opposite, i should have every reason to trust her. but again, that inner voice is getting me very worried. I feel like just telling her not to and to stop but she might get mad at me for trying to control her or something, which id never wish to do. I want her to live her life as i live mine. Im just not sure what i should do in this situation.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this i just needed to rant and get this off my chest.

Firthro Firthro
18-21, M
Sep 22, 2012