Screwed Over

I have had major trust issues for a while now.

Five months ago I quit my job. I was basically bullied by someone I had know all my life.

It all started because I got a promotion at work. She hated that as I'd only been there a year and she had been there 9 months longer. I ended up turning down the promotion because I couldn't cope with what they were putting me through.

Shortly after we got a new centre manager. A women I got on with really well. Well that was it, every time the girl saw me, she called me a kiss arse. I tried to ignore her but my mental health was deteriorating. I stopped wanting to be at work. I shut myself from everybody.

The final straw came when the girl stole a piece of jewellery off me and put it in a scone and have it to a customer. In the hope I would be sacked.

The following day, she called into work sick. I handed my notice in 3 days later, and as she found out, she then went to regional manager and said that I was bullying her. Unfortunately, they believed her at first, and although I was leaving, I received a verbal warning. She then quit with immediate effect, stating she was petrified of me.

I wouldn't mind but I never have an never would harm a fly.

It all came to light the day after. This girl and 2 others (1 of which was the restaurant manager) were caught on camera putting fish behind counters, putting my jewellery in the scone and putting milk into the aircon coolers, by which point, all 3 had left the job.

I am now in a good job, and even though the people that caused the trouble went, I am glad I made the right decision to go.

However, now I trust noone. I have lost friends over this recently. My boyfriend of several years and I am really struggling to even communicate with my new colleagues because I am petrified this will all happen again. It's been 5 months since I left and I still trust noone!!!
Jodym134 Jodym134
22-25, F
Nov 26, 2012