It Didn't Work

A while ago, a long while ago I posted a short about my inability to trust anyone. I set out to find out what this meant, and why I couldn't show it. It's been close to a year, I have no answer. I have started to think that perhaps I am just to different from everyone I meet. I am unable to connect with anyone on even the most basic level. I'm wondering if I might have something... I think broken would be the word. I have noticed that most people have a way of detecting when something is a bit off about the people around them. Perhaps they can see that with me and just stay away. Not that I can blame them. I'm not sure if it's something I am doing wrong or if it's just the way people are.

It doesn't make me depressed that I am unable to connect and trust people. I just figured it might be a decent goal. I don't seem to have much else to do at the present time anyhow, but being alone all the time has a way of distracting you. When it comes to relationships, I figured out that the person I might be looking for I will not find dating around. This part of myself I just realized very recently. This is all very secondary. My original question was, "How do you learn to trust?"
Since this is a question I cannot answer, My curiosity has shifted slightly.

What is it like to have a friend?
Jerlys Jerlys
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Well.....usually we don't just trust ppl from the first sight or day or time,you'll have to experience this person/s to get a good know of him/her before deciding if you can trust them or not and which level (percentage) of trust you can give them on your own list. But you'll have to start acting (talk,ask,listen and watch reacts of the other (them) and wait to understand and judge if you can trust them or not)and from start point until reaching this knowledge point you'll have to take a very good caution and care of your self,but never reach to completely un-trust someone before having a good strong reason to do so.

You don't need to talk about your feelings with your true friend,because he/she will know it from your eyes or acts,but to reach having a true good friend who can do/feel'll have to experience a lot of ppl, wrong & right,true & false,sweet & sore,good & bad,until you can find ONE!

Good Luck :)