I've been seeing this really wonderful man. I have been in love with him for about a year and he has been in love with me for about two years. We've been good friends for a long time, but neither of us was single so we didn't let the other know how we felt until after I filed for a divorce. He is great in every way, a wonderful dad to his kids and great with mine. The only issue Is his ex, not the mother of his kids, just a ex girlfriend that has always hated me. She still texts and calls him, he helps her out with money, takes her medicine when she is sick, let's her drive one of his extra cars and he pays her phone bill. She is almost 40 and I feel she needs to go away. He still wants to be friends with her family too. She even got mad and text him cause she thought he was throwing me in her face by he and I going to a bar they used to go to, she wasn't even there!! All she did was hear about it. He won't tell her to leave him alone....should I be worried??? Should I talk to him about this? And if so how? Thanks for any help you give me.
fairylust fairylust
31-35, F
Nov 27, 2012