Many Of Them..

I have many trust issues and they all stem from men. The ones that were suppose to love, support, protect, and care for me were the ones that hurt me; physically/emotionally/verbally.

I don't trust that there are any good men out there because every one i've been around have hurt me.

I don't trust that no means no to men. Even HE doesn't take no for an answer, even after knowing my whole sexually abusive past.

I don't trust that the one person that I was suppose to spend the rest of my life with can be the person that he needs to be for himself, my children, and for me. The only time things change is when I have seriously threatened to leave or actually have left.

I don't trust anyone else to be my rock anymore because I have only been able to depend on myself for strength.

....these are my trust issues

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Thank u for your response. Why would I judge u,, I don't even know u. Nonetheless, my husband and I are fixing things and slowly i'm learning to trust him again..then ill move onto trusting others

hi your storie was very inspiring and I can understand where you are coming from but not all guys are the same and I know you have probley been told this many times but not by me this is diffrent but not your suppost to trust your dad my dad beat me like a dog day after day and when my mom got sick of seeing it she left and I couldnt trust any men than she met this guy and after time he showed me how to trust again and my mom married him and he is the best dad I have ever had and it has maid me a much better man and very understanding so please dont judge me like the men that have let you down please !!!!!!

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Been on the receiving end, just believe in retroactive abortion. If someone isnt contributing to the world in a positive way. We should be able to cancel the

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Because of the abuse you have taken in the past; I would have to wonder about you if you did not have trust issues. If not counseling you will have to do a lot of research to overcome them. I am a male. My wife I do not believe ever gave me cause for concern, but recently I discovered I have trust issues. I started studying on that and similar topics and found that part of it came from insecurity issues. Once again with what you have described I would be surprised if you did not have insecurity issues. When we have insecurity issues, that sets us up to appear needy is some circumstances. With issues like these some of the more confident/loving men made decide that you are too much of a risk to try and spend the rest of their lives with. Enter more of the same men you have had a problem with in the past.
I am 65 years old and unfortunately have seen this pattern repeated over and over by the same people over the years. You certainly know what you do not want and who could blame you. You must take steps to improve your chances though. You recognize the problem and that is a great first step. Wish you much success with the rest.