You Did It. Not Me.

Ever since I found out my bf cheated on me I've been a real *****. He is the sweetest bf but I dont care. Even though he cheated on me the first day we started dating, it's still cheating. I yell at him all the time and call him the rudest names. I know he's the one I wanna be with forever, but I haven't forgiven him so I treat him like ****. He has never called me a name or treated me like **** but it still doesn't matter to me. I'm still rude. I dont know what to do. I know it's because I'm hurt, but I'm hurting him too...I don't want to loose him...but I dont know how to forgive and forget and go back to how things were before. I don't trust him because of what he did. Even though he texts me 24/7 and he's always with me. He openly let's me have his phone and there's never anything there. But why can't I move forward?
13nikki0710 13nikki0710
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013