The guys that I've known in my life have always asked me why I have trust issues.
And here's why: well because, my first heartbreak lead me to that. I was used by the guy I liked very much, to make the girl that he liked jealous. He did this by asking me out. Like he could've just ask me, if I wanted to help him make someone jealous, then things would be different.

& also, the guy who was my longest relationship... Has been lying to me since last year. I say this because he says he "still loves me" but that's all a BIG LIE. Why?
Because he's still with his current girlfriend. Like he thinks I'm not smart to figure out things. Like no. It's no fair to his girlfriend nor to me.

& finally, this other guy who I really did like 2 years ago.. Broke my heart once more. I did really like him and he just started playing with my emotions, telling me things . BUT he was still hung up on his ex.

This is why I have trusting issues. Because of guys and my heartbreaks .__.
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Dont worry ull meet a nice guy one day