I used to trust everyone.  That was my biggest flaw.  Now with all the fabricated accounts popping up, people pretending to be someone else, I don't trust many people here any longer.  There are a handful of friends that I do trust, but I'm losing faith in relationships on EP.

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Yes! I agree.

Just be aware that there are some fake accounts that are just building to some kind of massive drama. People are going to get hurt.

Wow I am new here and had no idea this site even existed until last night but I thought it looked like a really good place to vent or tell your story or whatever you wanted to do but I have already found out there are some that aren't very nice. I guess that is on every website you go to but you would hope there would be at least one.

What is the point of having fake accounts?

Wise you are, my sister friend.

Yes, it is. But, I still have my trusted friends and family.

its really hard to trust when people make you lose faith.

Not a problem CK - you were really there for me when going through separation with hubby (thank you) - anything you need. :)

Yeah, I don't care anymore. There is way too much drama here. People who can't get over themselves, who can't drop grudges....all that high school crap. I'm too old for that. <br />
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I'm just going to keep to my small trusted group of friends and I'm going to beware of everyone else. Until they prove they can be trusted. <br />
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Thanks for the outreach of your friendship and your open ear.

CK - I am SO sorry for you. I've been stalked, but that was about it. Some of the women on here ar WAY too into drama..I would call them drama ******.... I say screw em :) I'm here if you need me -- :)

Yes, there are. But even the obvious fake ones are causing trust issues for some.

Thanks, friend.

I treat EP just like I do real life, I trust those I know well and know I can trust and take everyone else with a grain of salt... Hugs, girl.


hmm, I've made second accounts on other sites when I get bored of a current account, but none of those sites are like ep. I can't imagine starting over on a new account here. I'm sorry all the pseudo accounts are giving you trust issues, CK. Its not fun when you have to wonder if a person you're talking to is trustworthy or not.

Too many fake accounts.

My ep time got cut short for awhile in the past two weeks, so I didn't know this kind of drama was going on. What exactly has been happening?

I'm just going to keep to myself and keep an eye open.

Too many pseudo accounts. People attempting to get everyone mad at everyone else. I hated high school the first time. I don't want to deal with it when I'm in my 30's now.


no kidding this is getting strange