My boyfriend doesnt deal with our personal problems with me, he talks horribly about me to his friends to vent out his frustration and I only found out last week. He apologised and said thats just the way he has to talk to his 'mates' so they understand.
And while he was saying all that stuff he was being nice to me. I feel like hes two faced and Im losing trust in someone who can pretend to forgive me when they apparently havent.
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My husband desires approval and wants to impress women and it hurts me and makes me jealious

My bf used to talk so much **** about me to but be all nice to my face like why dont u tell those people the whole story

play the same trick and see what going to happen.

Mine does the same

:/ all I can give you is a *virtual hug*

A true man who's in love doesn't talk bad about his woman, even with his friends.

Loose the loser.
The measure of a man is not in his words but his deeds. It's one thing to vent to your friends. This sounds like he's trash talking you. Knowing his motive might be insightful but has no good outcome. There is no excuse he can give you're going to be ok with so try again with a different and hopefully more supportive person.