A few months back I met a girl that I fell for pretty quickly, and a few months later I found out she liked me, things were going pretty well, but as soon as we got to the point where things would get serious I backed out of it, this has happened a few times, I feel like my trust issues are getting in the way of a healthy romantic relationship, mostly I think its because physical intimacy really stresses me out, Im was assuming that if I met the right girl then everything would just fix itself, but at this point I think im gonna have to work through it on my own
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Its not the fact that I suck in bed, Im a mormon so sex before marriage isnt a thing anyways, its just the fact that I have commitment issues and I cant do physical things in a relation without prepping myself for like a week in advance

If she likes you she won't care if you suck in bed...it's call love :)