I've been let down, betrayed, back stabbed, whatever you want to call it, by every person I've let in for as long as I can remember. Even my own Mother. These days I really don't trust anybody. I want to, but based on my history it's only a matter of time before they show me why trusting them was a mistake.
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#optimistic813 has hit it on the head.
You and i have the same issues. The hurt gets better.

You have to learn that people will be people. The ones that love you the most sometimes will hurt you the worse. That's life. Don't feel like you are the only that goes through this. We all do. Don't put your trust in others. Sometimes we disappoint ourselves so how can we not expect ppl to disappoint us? If you believe in God but your trust in him, because if you trust ppl you will continue to get hurt.