I swear sometimes I get so mad at myself because I am not really sure why I am so paranoid. I don't think the H would cheat on me like really honestly cheat but still I get suspicious of new girls and girls I haven't heard him talk about before...I'm just over it.
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You must be careful how you act towards them! I was with my ex for over 2 years and at the start she was very insecure due to past boyfriends cheating. I helped her to overcome this issue but then lots of lads would flirt with her and towards the end of the relationship she became friends with a very vindictive girl who cheated on her boyfriend every time my ex and her would go out together. I knew that she was going to split us up and eventually she did.
But I absolutely adored this girl, genuinely loved her with all my heart and I treat her like a princess because to me, she was a princess. But because I loved her so much and didn't want to lose her and didn't trust this new friend she had and the guys that always flirted with her and tried chatting her up, I was insecure and this would lead to fall outs. She didn't help sometimes by texting guys that she says were friends and if I text another girl she would fall out. She once fell out with me because I was talking to a female friend on Facebook, I stopped doing this because I wanted her to be happy. But then one night at her house, she was speaking to a guy in Facebook and basically ignored me whilst she was speaking to him and then she fell out with me for it?
At the end of the day, I shouldn't have been insecure because she loved me and she had chosen to be with me for a reason and I didn't think she would cheat but my love for her got the better of me and she was also my best friend. Just be very careful!

Thank you for sharing and for your advice

If you want to talk, inbox me. I went through a relationship that had insecurities from both sides. I absolutely adored her

Don't worry about them. Just worry about being your beautiful self.

I think you know where his heart is.. :)

I hope so. I know its got to be irritating me asking who he is texting or messaging or snap chatting....I just can't control it and it comes out before I can stop it