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My trust issues stem from being abused as a child and as a adult, its very hard to trust anyone these days especially with all the killings and abuse that is going on to children as well as adults

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Oh, wow....I know what you mean. I am constantly aware of my environment. As a woman if I'm getting in or out of my car and I'm alone or its just me and the children. I look around to make sure its safe to get out. Meaning no one is hiding in the car waiting for me....or behind or around the car as I get out. <br />
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I read so many things about how people just become victims. Did you hear about the man who walked into a Senior Citizen home on Sunday and shot 8 people at random. He was looking for his wife. But he was crazy enough to shoot people at random...One lady was 104. She was just sitting up on her bed. He shot one of the aides. The police came and shot him in the chest. He survived.<br />
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There are a lot of sick people all around us....Regardless of where you live.

That is very true and also the mentally ill are easy prey too thats why they need true heartfelt advocates that really are there for them

Children are easy prey, and senior's are also abused, again because of being easy prey. With the growing populous, the number of sicko's increases. You have to just be aware of your environment and never let yourself become the victim.