Miss Lonely

Ever since I could remember people have been making fun of me and ruining my life. They'd call me fat or ugly or anything they could think of. Even if someone was my friend and one of their friends didn't like me they'd talk about me behind my back. Then my mom keeps seeing me go through this each year and says she'll take walks with me and stuff and my dad says he'll help with keeping myself busy but nothing ever happened because it seems like they don't pay attention to me anymore. I color and cut my hair to change it almost every 3 months then buy new makeup every couple of months too. Without these things I'd feel really ugly because that's all I've been called by people outside my family is ugly. Right now I have a boyfriend though and he loved me since I was really fat had really short hair and wore no makeup and boy clothes and he still loves me to this day.
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1 Response May 3, 2011

It is a sad story when you cannot rely on one's own family. I felt the same when I grew up. The only time I saw my parents was at night and very briefly. so one grows up with loneliness throughout your life and when you get married and have children you still have nothing to talk about. You start living in in a world of your own until something happens to either one either death or parting. I've been there plenty times.