The Reason Why I Have Trusting and Low Self Esteem Issues.

I've fallen in love too many times; Or so i thought.

I've trusted all of my boyfriends when they told me they wouldn't hurt me.

But they always did.

I have low self esteem, because i feel like i'm fat, even though i'm 16 and weigh at 85 pounds.

(( No i'm not anorexic. ))

I just lose weight easily.

And i feel like i'm never pretty enough.

Does anyone feel this way, too?

EmxILYx08 EmxILYx08
4 Responses Mar 31, 2008

I felt the same way when I was a teenager and though I am a little oler now, I still feel insecure sometimes. In high school I was alone a lot and I didn't date much because I was so shy and gaurded. I even went to prom alone. I was also ridiculed by my peers but today about five years later I woke up and realized how much I allowed my low self esteem to control my life. I have learned that no matter what, you have to love yourself because if you don't, one day you will look back at yourself and realize that you should have given you a chance.

I agree with Frances. I am 55years and you probably see me as an "old Biddy" lolol but, yes I can remember feeling like you at your age and yes I guarantee you that you will look back at your pics in many years from now and think "how on earth did I think I was not pretty and beautiful" - believe me you will. Ask anyone my age and they will confirm. Get up every morning and look in your mirror, smile at yourself, give yourself a wink, and say to yourself "Ya know I am okay. I am a good person and I love myself"... I remember feeling exactly just like you .... I think it must be part of "life"...not sure why so many of us think like that .. perhaps we are all conditioned from the day we are born how we should look or be.... never quite sure why .... probably how society makes us.... but anyway know that you are beautiful inside and out and have a great day....big huggsss.....

Yeh, I agree. I am same age as you, and when I see these other girls I feel SOOO bad about myself. My ex-boyfriends didn't help either, they started out praising me and telling me they would never hurt me too but then they said cruler things about my appearance and who I am than anyone else I have ever known. I gave them my whole heart, and got slapped in the face for it.

I have. I can almost guarantee that in a few years you'll look at photos of yourself at 16 and think that you were beautiful and wonder why you didn't like yourself.