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Trust is an excuse to betray others, for me at least. I wont, can't trust anyone. I want to, but the last time I did I was left alone when I needed someone the most. When my best friend died I only had one other person to talk to but they left, even said they thought I wouldn't notice. I know where my trust issues spring from. My family. My older half sibling mostly, but my family all the same. I wont get into the details at the moment, but I will tell you that my older half sibling abuse me in many ways. Sexual, physical, mental and emotional. That started when I was about four or five. I can't remember exactly, I have a faulty memory. But again, I believe that that is the older siblings fault. I have had many things aimed at my head that didn't miss. I have low self-esteem because of that person too. It isn't solely their fault, but a great deal of it is. I was bullied by that person and even by my younger brothers at one point, though that doesn't really bother me that much. I was bullied outside of this family as well, local kids would mess with me and be unpleasant. Though I was used to not telling anyone because of my older sibling, so I didn't. And as we moved there were different people and different levels of bullying, except that person who made my life miserable.
SillyLittleMe SillyLittleMe
13-15, T
May 1, 2012