Who I Am

I was diagnosed with Turner syndrome at birth and spent a significant amount of time as a child going to doctor's appointments. At school, I was teased for being short, I recall 'mini girl' being a favourite taunt. Around age 10, I began growth hormone therapy and today I'm about 4'10". I don't want having TS to define me, I think we all have things about us that make us unique and that is what makes the human race such an interesting, varied mosaic. I hope I can learn to truly accept the parts of me that are different, even if it means I'm not society's definition of beautiful.
LostGirl1981 LostGirl1981
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

You sound so beautiful. I would be honored to meet you someday. Who care's about what society thinks, right? Beauty is more on how the people who care for you see you. And I think you are a very beeeeeauutiful person.=)

That is so sweet! Thank you, beautiful!