If your mansion house needs haunting, just call... Rentaghost.
We've got spooks and ghouls and freaks and fools... at Rentaghost.
Hear the Phantom of the Opera sing a haunting melody.
Remember what you see is not a mystery but... Rentaghost!
At your party be a smarty and hire... Rentaghost.
If you want a fright climb the spooky heights... with Rentaghost.
You can let our spirits move you, and for fun play ghostman's knock,
Because we aim to shock; we hope your knees will knock. That's... Rentaghost!

Let me say the most terrific simple ghost, not scientific,
Maybe supernatural ghouys of the day.
Heavy footsteps in your attic means a spectre telepathic,
Is descending just to spirit you away. Yaaay!

We are extraordinary fellas here at... Rentaghost.
To be another Uri Geller come to RRRentaghost.
For a biography we've ghost writers,
And not forgetting a ghost script.
An apparition quipped from deep inside a crypt... Ring Rentaghost.
An apparition quipped from deep inside a crypt... Ring Rentaghost!

Opalgem Opalgem
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3 Responses Aug 30, 2010

There was an original version that was far more daring, that got banned by the BBC. It was used on 2 episodes of the first series. You can hear it on youtube. It included "at your party have a seance" and "get scared to death become a ghost too."

Haha, glad you enjoyed this walk down memory lane Mistygrey. They don't make 'em like this anymore do they?

Oh this brings back memories...Listening to this I'm 10 years old again, have just got home from junior school and am eating my tea with my brother and sister in front of the telly. It was one of our favourite programmes of the early Eighties...Thanks for digging out the theme and lyrics and posting them here, Opalgem :)