I Dont Know How You Do It!!

i dont know how you do it if i had money for evri time sum1 says tht i dnt know otha ppl with twins av felt its the first time ive decided to luk into it but it still overwhelms evriday how hard it is ther nearly 3 now.i feel like i missed out on all quality time wen they were babies coz evrifing was like a military operation.id describe it trying to tap your head and rub your tummy all the time. im absolutely shattered coz they av a reali bad habit of bangin ther head or legs in there cots weneva ther in bed and the forever awake will never sleep in late.not only tht but nobody **** to see me not my partners mum n dad hu live up the road not my mum n dad coz they want all time to thereselves n i ave no friends.i cant drive i fink its sumt i need to do because i feel like were all just constantly cooped up in the house.does anybody else feel like there drowning.i cant remeber hu i am nemore.
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

Dont worry hang in there and things will be better. Your kids will soon be growing up and you can have your life back