They Are Not My Friends.

I never thought on or dream on being a mother.  I became one, as part of a process of life.  I recalled, being pregnant and asking my husband then, if he thought I was going to be a good mother, he said of course yes! because you are" very dedicated " he said, and you will be the best.


I was a 24 hours mother.  Very dedicated to them.  We have a maid who stays over night but never did anything for them. I was always there to do all.  Nobody changed their diapers but me, no one fed them but me, no one washed their cloths or baby bottles but me. I never realized how something like this could  make me feel complete, after being a successful manager, here I was doing this tasks with pleasure. 


My house was full of their friends all the time. I was the driver to all activities they were into.  We laugh all the time, and they know I am always there for them.


I was so close to them, but never educated them as my friends.  I have my friends and obviously they have theirs too,. I am their mother and I am not interested in being the popular mother who is cool acting like friend, who says always  "yes" and that limits are not settle.  My rules were always clear  and fair so they always understood them and followed with joy.  They never did a tantrum, or I never had the need to punish them.  We communicate on a daily basis, We use to have the hug therapy every other day. We did so many things to be remembered with a big smile.


And, when I see them now, two teenagers that are happy and healthy, I think that I  could not have done it better. Their father was right, that I am dedicated and that raising kids "my kids" have been the most wonderful job I ever had.  


Now, I am working in a job that makes me feel alive, that gives me the opportunity to keep creative, active, and doing what I enjoy the most, serving others and even get paid for, and I feel their support every day, as to their mother not to a friend.


I am sharing  with the world two happy human beings, the ones I raised



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Heart warming story. One not found much anymore. You have my utmost respect.<br />

There is so many people that are unhappy, so I just thought last night that I made two happy person, and I wish they remain that way., I really do, but it is up to them to chooose that line.<br />
<br />
They are good students and they are good kids, but mostly what you can see is that they are happy with their life and with what they have. And seeing them like this is the best medicine to my soul.<br />
<br />
Thanks, for reading-