Genealogy Is Absolutely Fas...

Genealogy is absolutely fascinating.  It can tell you so many things about yourself that you never knew.  I have always had this burning desire to be a writer.  Neither of my parents are particularly interested in literature.  But I found out through tracing my lineage that I actually had a relative that wrote a book.  He wrote it as his memoirs and it was published about a century after it was written but nevertheless he is a published author.  I have an autistic brother and I discovered that I had another relative that was institutionalized throughout his entire life.  That may be a genetic link.  Most of the rest of my family were manual laborers from what we know.  Also, I've managed to trace my roots back to Scotland on two sides and Germany on another.  I have no idea where my dad's mom comes from.  LOL.  I just think it's the coolest thing because nothing tells you more about yourself than your relatives.

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actually i did this one by doing the daily interview. i guess they messed up... oops!

This was an interresting tid-bit, and I agree about Genealogy being fascinating. But... what did all this have to do with the group subject of having Two Boyfriends?? lol