Louis-alexandre De La Boulaye & Wayne Lacey-holmes

Louis-Alexandre de la Boulaye is from the north, from Maine et Loire, and is three years older than me, now. Well, he has a birthday in April, mine is in March, so in the gap in between March 12 th and April 28th, we are closer. Dynamics of the calender, I expect. We met quite by chance when  we were holidaying in the same place - at Leucate. I was fourteen the first time, and several years now we have met when we have holidayed there.

It is true also that we have met when our parents jointly decided to holiday in Espagne in the Costa Brava/Cote Vermeille. Last year, we holidayed near Banyuls-sur-Mer, and Louis and I climbed up the mountains nearby to where our hilltop villa. For that day's climb I decided to where a favourite gauzy wrap. My mother thought I was wearing a bikini beneath it, but I wasn't! As soon as we were out of sight from the villa, I took it off, and climbed the rest of the way up to a promotony we had found the day before completely naked, with Louis behind me. I could hear his camera clicking, he took alot of photos with his expensive digital camera! I was pleased.

Wayne Lacey-Holmes is from England, near to a place called Saint Albans. His family are farmers also, so there are many similarities between us, our upbringings. Wayne is six years older than me, and we met when he visited France for a holiday with two of his friends. Stephen, Paul and Wayne were all keen cyclists, and they were following the Tour. We met by chance and smiled at each other. He stopped, and called to me as I walked by. He asked me for some directions, but I knew it wasn't just for the way somewhere.

I remember the day keenly as it was a beautiful day, and I wasn't at school. The Tour came through town, and the following year it was somewhere else, but Wayne came to visit with the hope of seeing me.
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boyfriends you only see on vacation? i thought u were doing them both on the side, i'm very dissapointed.