Trapped In A Love Less Abusive Marriage

I am not a writer so I will come straight to the point. I married my boyfriend of seven year last year. Since last six months he started going out with his new colleagues ~(a man and a girl) to discos. bar, clubs and even ***** clubs. I sit home while he stays out mostly all the Saturday nights in last six months. I found few of the massage indicating that he is spending some time in his female friends house ( the massage was that he forget his umbrella in her home) and she replied back you should come back again.
When I asked about this he was physically abusive. Punched me, choked and pull my hair, dragged me around now i have bruises all over my body. Although he said sorry latter and said that i make him do that but something just broke inside me. He is constantly abusing me varbelly, emotionally and sometimes physically.
In my heart i have no love for him. I want to leave him but i am afraid that my mother and his father who are both sick will not be able to handle it and i do not want to anything that can lead to their death.
Is there any way I can change him and my heart
Please I really need some good advise
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Leave. No amount of good intentions or supposed love justifies or mitigates that. Its the exact opposite of how all women should be treated. You belong on at least a little bit of a pedastal, so find a real man (or two, he hee) who make u feel valued and adored like you deserve.

i was in an abusive relationship and no they don't seem to change,but mine was suffering mental depression,had done for 12yrs ,what excuse did he have for the other 11yrs,but in the end he used that as an excuse to beat me all the time.I left him and he died 6months later.Am i sorry i left him? No there's only so much you can take, i suffered 23yrs of his abuse, just wish i had left him sooner, your young,don't waste your life

Glad you got out. He got what he deserved. Nothing a woman could do warrants or makes it kind of OK to hit her.

In a sense it was my fault, i was bought up being sexually abused by my father and beaten up by him since the age of 8,i thought getting married was a way out, being beaten had been away of life for me, so i thought it was normal.

Still not a fault thing on your part, luv. I hope you're getting to where you realize being loved, pampered, caressed is what's supposed to be normal and don't settle for anything less. It would be wonderful for you to feel like a goddess and know you've earned every second of it :)

Nice dream,but think its a bit late

Not too late. Its awful that you think that. You deserve so much better

The thing with our pasts affect our future,been 2 relationships since he died,one took me for every penny i had and told me no one would love me when i kicked him out,second one i was so stupid,he said all the right things,but then started to noticed just little things,he kept his mobile on him all the time,taking phone calls,found out he was a swinger,best thing about it i didn't even know what one was.He actually thought i would stay ,that's not what i call a relationship,i don't believe that you can love someone and do that to them,call me old fashioned but if you love someone you wouldn't want to share.I find it hard to trust now

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