My Two Boyfriends

*Names have been changed*
I'm just going to write my situation. Not how it came to be.
So I have been dating Jeff for a full year this February. Every Friday night he picks me up and we drive to his apartment and I spend the whole weekend there. We have so much fun. Like an old married couple. I get up early make breakfast. If he works I stay home and clean. Dinner is hot and ready when he walks in the door. We watch movies and have long discussions about everything under the sun. The sex is very loving and passionate. Sunday night after we eat dinner we watch one last movie or show and then he takes me home. He spends the rest of the week days working long hours. He thinks that I am studying hard at home. Which is only partly true. Every Thursday my ex Alex. Who I broke up with one month before I met Jeff. Picks me up and we go have sex at his place. The sex is completely different. Its wild. No love making here. This has been going on since I met Jeff so a almost a full year. I text and talk to Alex and Jeff on the phone everyday. Alex asked me a few weeks ago to be with me officially again. I told him yes and now I have two boyfriends. But both of them don't know about the other. Jeff considers me his future life partner and now so does Alex. Both lack what the other one has. Alex is a bad boy who has no problem taking charge and making decisions. Jeff is a true gentlemen and somewhat sensitive. I love and find both very attractive. Both of them treat me very well in there own way. I don't really feel anything about the situation so I thought writing it down would maybe help. I don't want to lose either one of them. But I know this can't/won't last forever. I wouldn't know where to start. Or who to leave or if i should leave both. 
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I'm experiencing the same thing but the difference is they know about each other, just not that I have feelings for the other. And I know my boyfriend has an open mind, but I don't know how to approach this. What would you do?