Not the Easy Road.

I have 2 boyfriends. They both know about each other. No cheating involved. They both bring different qualities to me. One is very affectionate whilst the other is very loyal and committed. Its not easy because I can't expect either of them to be just with me. One insists on just being with me while the other is happy to see other people together or apart. Dealing with jealousy has been a huge journey for me. Its seems to be a continuous journey as jealousy seems to be like some sort of default feeling that needs to be addressed whenever it gets triggered. I've been to some great swingers parties and events. I've also met some great nudists and been to some good nude beaches. Having 2 boyfriends isn't the easy road by any means.. but its my style to live my own way.
Marysuss Marysuss
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 21, 2007

Good for you, I liked hearing this because I dated a woman who I was crazy about once who should have tried dating more than one guy at a time.

Before we got together someone had warned me that she just couldn't keep faithful to anyone, but it didn't stop me. We got on really well, and she made me laugh and drove me wild sexually. We really had a lot of fun in our two years together.

Twice she left me for other men, and both times I took her back. She slept with at least two other guys while we were together, and it was a sort of not very well kept secret when she was getting interested in some new guy.

So eventually I said she could date other guys and that it was OK. She got all mad at me, saying that she didn't want an open relationship as she'd be jealous. When I explained that I was in love with her and wouldn't be seeing anyone else, she called me 'sick' and broke up with me. I always regretted losing her, and would have shared her or let her have flings on the side. Some people just need more sex and affection.

If you can have 2 boyfriends, with no cheating or lying, then enjoy the ride, you are living like some women can only dream about.