My Dachshund's

I have 1 dachshund BUT I WANT ANOTHER ONE SO BAD. I love dachshund's. They had a Dachshund fest. last weekend and I took mine (his name is Henry) and he loved it. There was tons of contests there. Henry enjoyed seeing other dogs that looked like him. He was more amused than anything. He picked on all the fat ones. LOL. He would not try to play with the skinny in shape ones, just the ones that were either over weight or that were in walkers due being paralyzed. LOL. He is such a bully. But he was grown up with my other 3 dogs. I have a Rot named Daisy May, A black lab named Angus and a Terrier mix named Moe. So he is VERY use to big dogs. Well thats enough for now.

-Love- Ashley and henry :-)

Mrsoware Mrsoware
18-21, F
Jul 25, 2007