One Brown & One Blue

I, too, have had all sorts of crazy questions and comments made and a lot of very, very nice comments.  It's interesting to hear them, it tells a lot about the person who's commenting, whether they are open, well-read or perhaps ignorant.  With some people, I have to teach them that my vision is just like theirs when I'm asked 'do you see brown out of one and blue out of the other'?  I see the entire color spectrum, just like everyone else.  I believe it is within the DNA, as it's been in my family history, one person every other generation having it and none of them have had medical condition/problems associated with it. 
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Interesting. I have known a few people with different coloured eyes. It never occurred to me to wonder if they saw differently.

Wow that is funny people ask you brown out of one and blue out of the other eye. You wrote its in your family history. Do you know how many generations it goes back? My different eyes is caused by a genetic disorder I inherited from my father. I was diagnosed by a board certified medical geneticist Alan Donenfeld MD with Waardenburg syndrome2. There are 9 Waardenburg syndromes.<br />
The medical term is heterochromatica iridae, eyes of 2 different colors. H.Iridis Eye of 2 colors.<br />