My Diffferent Colored Eyes Are Caused By A Rare Genetic Disorder.

My different colored eyes are due to  Waardenburg syndrome. two.  I was diagnosed in the OBGYN dept. of a local hospital in Phila. PA.   I was pregnant.  My daughter is in her early 20s.   At birth she was examined by three neonatologist, medical geneticist from Childrens Hospital of Phila, PA.(CHOP) They said she didn't inherit my genetic dsorder.  
The major issue iwth Waardenburg syndrome is its a leading cause of deafness. Fortunately I am not deaf.   Ironically I wok with deaf clients at a rehab center near where I am living.   One other feature of WS is it can cause  eyes of different colors or one eye of two colors.   One quater of people with the disorder wind up with eyes of different colors.  While 25 % is a minority its still a much higher percentage than the general population.   If the eyes are the same hue they are usually either brilliant sapphire blue or bright emerald green.   In other words intense hues.  
Pretty much my facial features are caused by my Waardenburg.  My fairly thick dark eyebrows, tending to meet in he middle. I trim them or else I'd be known as the unibrower. lol.  My nose is small, it turns up.  My lips are full, cupid bow.  Small scar on the right side of my upper lip.  Its the  remnant of a cleft lip that healed in utero.   My WS is WS2.  There are 9 types of  Waardenburg.  WS1 WS2 subtypes a, b, c, d, e, WS3 WS4. , Pierpont No idea what WS2 I am.  Pierpont is the type where cleft lips, cleft paletes are most prevelent.  A neurology physician told me overall WS occurs 1 out of 100,000 births.
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Thanks for your comment . I've been working a lot on my blog and there was only so much time to contact you. Only knew of the cause because I was diagnosed. I kind of suspected this was my diagnosis. However not being a physician I didn't want to jump to conclusions. I see your cousin has a white forelock. I wouldn';t jump to conclusions There may be other causes for this besides WS. I wish your cousin , your other relatives and you well. It is good to meet you too. Please let me know if you want the url of my blog. "Society for Dainty Damsels" the latest is Auntie Carol and Lady Lynda teach wayward girls the "art of flirting" Its a put on.

Interesting. I always wondered if Waardenburg was a possibility for this eye coloration, and your the first I have seen that actually knew that this was the cause. I currently am studying primary care in medicine so I see a little bit of everything, and have actually met a Pharm. rep with the exact same eye coloration in the same position on the same eye. About the same age too....a bit odd....what are the chances? Other than that, I usually see people with specs in their eyes. Very interesting. But yeah, when it comes to Waardenburg, I have actually studied it a bit in my different genetics courses, and wondered if this was a possibility. The one thing that caught my attention was the white forelock of hair which is one of the characteristics. I don't personally have one, but my cousin does, so who knows...could just be a coincidence. I have no hearing issues, and don't know anyone in my family that does. Nonetheless, good to meet you.