Living And Loving Two Different Colored Eyes

When I was in the first grade, I had to ride the school bus into town. My cousin, Mary, who was the same age, also rode the bus. One day while riding the bus home from school, Mary decided to make fun of my eyes and the whole bus was laughing at me. So I got up from my seat, walked over to her, and punched her in the eye. I then said 'now you have two different colors!' Needless to say, no more problems on the bus. :)
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3 Responses Feb 14, 2011

lol love it Hehe.. girls can be soo cruel.. I also have 2 different coloured eyes.. one greeny/blue & one light brown (: remember we SERIOUSLY are 1 in a million.. I've only met 2 other ppl with 2 diff coloured eyes.. David bowie & Kate bosworth also have 2 different coloured eyes

I'm glad you liked my story, I have a ton more. ha Life is not boring when you are just a tad different....

LOL - great choice. Its amazing how brute force makes people listen. Good story. :~)<br />
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That's cool that you have 2 different colored eyes, now THAT is unique !!!