1 Eye Blue, 1 Eye Half Brown and Half Blue

Hows it.  I have grown up being asked all the time if I was wearing contacts that were colored, or what was up with my eyes.  My left eye is full blue and my right eye is exactly half blue and half brown at about the 2:40 position (10:20 depending on if looking in mirror).  I looked up a term that is supposed to be the genetic definition "Sectoral heterochromia iridium".  Haven't fully looked into the definition yet, but it might be worth looking into.  I'm in medical school, but haven't yet been exposed to relevant information on the subject.  I would be interested in hearing other peoples' stories of how this rarity has affected them.  I have found it to be a great way to start conversations.  For a guy, women definitely notice the different colored eye right off.  People are amazed that its real, and not some type of artificial contact lens.   Amazingly, my eye colors are in sync with my mother's and father's eye colors.  Mother=Brown, and Father=Blue.   It was nice to find a site to look into other peoples' experiences.  Peace.

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Mine are exactly the same. If you would like to talk feel free to email me. (its you feel soft at g mail . com) no spaces)
my name is Dustin i am 19 I have not met any one with my exact eyes. Or any duel colored eyes

My 6 year old son has both his eyes a light brown on the top almost hazel and on the bottom green. I wonder if this is something he will grow out of or have to live with. It doesn't seem to infect him at all but I wonder about it affecting him in the long run. His father and I both have dark dark brown eyes.

My daughter's right eye is hazel, and her left eye is half hazel, half blue. Both parents have brown eyes.

I have almost the same thing my left eye is blue and my right eye is almost half brown and rest is blue . My friends say the brown bit appears to grow ! My mother had blue eyes and my father brown I have a brother who just has blue eyes . Alison

My right eye is gray but 1/4 of my left eye is brown. I felt like the color was a mistake since not that many people in my family have brown eyes, Im glad im not the only one with this part, brown eyes thing.

Wow. I was so excited when I saw this....my left eye is blue and my right eye is exactly half blue and brown/hazel. I thought I was a freak. Lol.


My left eye is full blue and my right eye is green but the bottom left corner is brown. So only about a fourth of my right eye is brown

Hi my name is Jasmine I have the same thing one of my eyes are dark blue and the other eye is half light blue and half dark brown my mum has green eyes and my dad has dark blue eyes I don't no what it means mum said it has something to do with my start sine. I was born I November 22
So please get back to me I need help I need to no what it means

My daughter has exactly the same eyes as you!


I have never meat anyone with the same eyes as me

My grandson also has one eye that is half blue/half brown and the other blue. He is only 4 months old, but it is very distinct. In his case his mother has blue eyes and his father brown. I could share his picture if you like.

My son also has one blue eye and the other is split the top is blue and the bottom is brown or sometimes hazel. Mom has brown eyes and dad has light brown eyes.

My son Simmie's left eye is Solid blue and his right eye is Green underneath his pupil and on each side it is green the only way one can tell that it is not solid green is in the sun. While I was pregnant with him I told everyone that God is going to bless us with one blue eye and one green eye. He is proof how our Creator hears us an is Love. ;)

My left eye is blue and my right eye is exactly half blue half brown. First thing people have noticed about me my entire life. I am female. My mother's eyes are blue and my dad's eyes brown.

Same as me and my parents :-)

My son is one year old and his eye s where born dark blue at about 6 months we noticed his eyes had gone bright blue but hia left eye is half dark brown. I wasnt sure why and was very scared but the health viaitor re assured me it is fine its just the pigments in his eye.

I have found my people. I was shocked not to find any medically related info on this topic. Just out of curiosity- does anyone else have a seizure disorder? I have since age of 2. Disorder finally diagnosed as left temporal mesial sclerosis (basically a little scar tissue on left tempal). But my half brown part is on my right eye. Idk- just curious if there is any connections with seizures and the eye color. Btw- my parents ALSO have blue (Maternal) and brown (Paternal).

I have epilepsy, but i dont think its related. I've had it since i was 8, im 15 now. My eyes are slightly different from the post and comments too. Theyre both half blue and half green, hard to tell.

My left eye is blue with brown spots and my right eye is half blue and half brown. Lots of people think I'm wearing contacts as well but it's a natural thing. I was curious to see how often it occurred in others.

I have an eye that is full brown and another that is half brown half green, I had test done on me when I was younger but I was completely fine. Will this effect me in later life?

my left eye is all blue, and my right eye is half brown and half green

My left eye is completely green and my right eye's upper half is brown and it's lower half is green.

My daughter has brown eyes but half of her left eye is kinda bluish grey!!!

People often tell me that my eye looks like their dogs eye!

Mine are half Brown half hazel then full hazel

it's awesome ! people react the same way .. my left eye is solid blue and my right is 1/3 brown .

Same my dad and grandma and I all have it

I have almost exactly the same thing except my right eye is completely blue and my left eye is exactly half brown half blue. It didn't affect my life much except everyone is keep on telling that they love my eye one guy even proposed to my eye. It's pretty cool when you a girl many pretty cute guys stare in your eyes and compliment themxD. And my parents are the opposite of yours my mom has blue eyes and my dad has brown eyes:)

same but I'm a guy

My eyes are both blue, but the top of my left eye is brown. I found it interesting that its tied with colitis for my father has colitis. My brother also thinks he has it, so am I in danger of colitis because of my sectoral heterochromia iridum?

My left eye is light blue my right is half light blue and the other a light brown some say golden brown. My dad had light blue and my mom had hazel.

My left eye is green and my right eye is half green and half brown. My mom has green eyes and my dad has blue eyes.


I have a half blue half brown eye straight down the middle. Ill send you a pic.

MY son has the same his left eye is really dark blue and his Right eye is half green and brown his dad and i both have blue eyes and my other kids all have blue eyes so why is my son so different

Hi! I stumbled upon youre post because i also have differently colored eyes. I have mostly light blue eyes with a darker ring of blue at the edges however my left eye has a brown spot covering about 1/4 of the top left. Over the years it has increased in size (not drastically) and also changes color from light brown to yellow and sometimes a burgundy red.... although it hasnt caused me much strife through out my life everyone who notices just thinks its beautiful and cool lol

Hmmmmm interesting! My eyes are....one is 1/2 blue and half green (right eye), the other eye 1/4 blue and the rest green (left eye). It is funny because my older brother to this day ( am 38 and he is 42) will still look at me, as if shocked, and say "wow! that is so cool!" I am still asked and have been for a long time if I wear contacts. When I say no, I get the look like... yeah right! ha haha Glad you posted this...fun to read =) By the way, my dad had all blue eyes and my mom had all green with black speckles at the bottom not connected to her pupil which I have as well. I have 3 children, one has green eyes, one has blue eyes, and the other hazel eyes...more on the brown side.

My son is the same way...his left eye is all blue...and his right eye is half brown...half blue...his dad and i both have blue eyes...

My eyes are exactly the same as yours and my mum has brown eyes and my dad has blue! I've always wondered why my eye is like this!?! I want too know more

My daughter was born with sectoral Heterochromia iridum in her left eye. The left eye is like yours, half brown and half blue, right down the middle! Her other eye is green which makes for a vibrant contrast and people notice them all the time. We have only ever received positive reactions to her eye and she is very proud to share her beautiful eyes with everyone she meets. My husband and I are very spiritual and believe that her eye means she is an old soul (meaning she has been reincarnated many times). That is a common belief in many Pagan traditions and is a rather interesting thing to read about. Be proud of your genetic mutation and flaunt it proudly! :)

Thank you for your post...bless you for making me feel normal.

Both my eyes are half and half, blue and brown. And both my parents have brown eyes.

My daughter has grey eyes like me and her father but she also has a section in her right eye that is brown looking at her straight on its about 1:20 but no one on her dad side has brown eyes and only my Nan and mum have brown eyes and they both have really bad eye sight its really weird, should I be worried that it might affect her eye sight?

i have one eye thats half brown and have jade green the other one is full brown

I also have one blue eye, one half brown and blue! Mom has brown eyes, dad has blue. I have seen cases of each eye being a different solid color, but have never met another person with one half and half!

My 19 yo son has one blue eye and one half blue half brown (at approx 1:7 on the clock) he was born with it and it has never effected him in any way. He has noticed that girls notice it more :)

My right eye splits directly in half top is brown bottom is hazel, my left eye is green. I live in Hawaii and I haven't seen anyone with this type of eye color. I didn't think it meant anything just really wished I had brown eyes. To those who read this, how is it for you to have a half brown eye?

My left eye is blue and my right eye is half blue, half brown....has been like this all my life (50+ yrs). I forget about it till someone mentions it to me or/and asks me if I had something wrong with my eyes. Both of my parents had blue eyes, my father's were a very light blue, while my mother's were a bit darker blue. My sister has blue eyes. No idea where the brown half is coming from.

well my left eye is brown and my right eyes is light brown with a little bit of green on the bottom ,its because my mother has a splash of brown in the middle of her eyes and green all around cool ha !! My father has Brown.

My Son's eyes are exactly like yours he is 2 and a half and it is very cool.. My wife has brown eyes and i have blue,,, again,, just like your situation.. I think it is very special

My cat has eyes exactly the same ad yours! I think they're totally unique and beautiful :)

My eyes are brown but the lower part of my right eye is a light blue. I was a police officer and I wore brown contacts often because I got tired of people staring. It makes my right iris look strangely shaped, especially from a distance. I've even had other officers ask if I was ok. They thought it was related to a blow to the head or a drug reaction. I can always tell when people notice and are no longer listening to me. Aggrevating!

My wifes eyes are Green the other day we were riding down the road though and she noticed that half her eye had turned blue and this was the first time she had ever seen it so we wanted to look it up but hers wasnt permanent it just turned like that for a short period of time and now is back to her original color i dont know what causes this but its pretty awesome to me.

I also have two color eyes...both my eyes are light blue on their bottom half and a pale grey at both tops...I always wondered why. I have a twin brother and his eyes are totally both blue.

Its the other way for me my left eye has brown and blue but there is more brown than blue but a quarter of that blue is light blue and the rest is a darker blue and my right eye is full blue but both my parents have blue eyes exept my uncle he has brown so its pretty messed up

My right eye is blue and half brown, I used to get comments saying I photoshopped my eye, but I've had this all my life, I SO happy I'm not alone! As I got older it got more brown, and the blue has green tints in it now, so I have no clue what's up with my eye!

my husbands left eye is half blue and half brown

my eyes are blue but my left is half brown on the top half...I have always been told no one has ever seen eyes like mine...Im happy to know that I am not alone tho

It is so awesome to see I am not the only one with two different colors in one eye! I am half African-American and have blue eyes, except my left eye is half hazel. My mother has blue eyes and my father has dark brown eyes. When I was born they were both blue, and the one side started to change around age two. Now, I am thirty years old, and have only ever met two people who had two different colored eyes, but never anyone with a half colored eye. It's cool to feel special, but it is also nice to know that there are other people out there who understand not everyone shows their interest in a positive way....I have often been asked: "What's wrong with your eye!?"

I am 1/4 cuban on my moms side and mostly irish on my dads side. My mom has brown eyes and my dad has a half brown half blue left eye like me and a blue right eye. Want to know what causes this

My eyes are a light brown and on my right eye it's half the light brown and half a darker shade. I can see the split in colors, it's nice to hear other people have it too! I had always wondered and finally took the time to look it up. It's pretty sick as ****.

I have the same thing to only my eyes are greenish blue with one half brown eye and mine is straight up and down. It started as just a spot when I was little and now it's almost exactly half my eye. A med student client of mine said its associated with a neurological disorder that can either effect your hearing OR intestinal track later in life, both of which I'm hoping are false. But he said its impossible jus to half half of one eye highly pigmented or pigmented a diff color. Usually ppl with two completely diff colored eyes it's just different pigment. I wish I could upload a pic of my eye on here!

Interesting link mentioned about the possible tie to intestinal,problems later in life. In my mid-thirties I developed major unexplained stomach issues. I felt better for a year with no gluten then got a bad case of colitis and was given Flagyl. There was never any determination as to what caused the colitis and after the Flagyl I was able to eat gluten with no problems for a few months.

I have the same eye, but it's straight down the middle and my other eye is brown. Crazy..

Glad to hear I'm not the only one!! My left eye is green & my right eye is half green/half brown. The interesting part is that my mom has dark brown eyes, my father light blue & all 8 of my siblings have light blue eyes. I am the only anomaly. Random??

My right eye is green and my left eye is half blue/half green with splotches of brown. But, according to everything I have ever read on multicolored eyes, it is impossible to have more than two colors in one eye. So am I the exception then?

I'm a 13 year old girl and I've had a brown right eye and a half brown half blue left eye all of my life. My right eye always stays the same, but my left eye is always changing to yellows with hazel to aqua (my fave color in the UNIVERSE) with black to light purple with a broenish green. I dont know my father, but my mum has green eyes. Because I'm goth people always call me a witch and I replay "Actually, I'm a psychic... But thanks!" My emo guy friend thinks it's awesome, and some of my other friends are jealous, but other than that people call me a psychotic emo who wears contacts AND glasses because I'm "blind". Im getting clear contacts to replace my contacts this summer and LOVE my eye!!!

I have one eye green (left) and the other one started off with a really small section of brown and is now all brown (right).. I love it and people are amazed by how striking they look.. especially when the light catches it.. I also have pigment missing from my right side of my stomach and on my right leg I have a really large brown birthmark.. Very weird, but I did live near Cellafield Nuclear power plant (North England) that spilt out in the late 60s.. I was born in 71 and often wonder if it had anything to do with it :)

My eyes are exactly like this. I was always told that it was my birthmark... do you have a bithmark in a different place?

here i thought i was the only person. in hawaii people dont see to much of different colored eyes. i have a blue eye with a half brown half gray eye.

good for you for sayin' 'thanks' lol! you git 'em, stay strong peanut! <3!

I think you are ALL awesome. It means something amazing and positive. SHAME ON that mama that told you that you couldnt come over... wtf!? yer wonderful dont you let ANYone ever in their MFing lives convince you, ANY of you, different!

My left eye is blue and my right eye is green and brown.. I got made fun of alot in middle school for it so I wore color contacts for a long time to make them the same. And now I flaunt it..I never knew so many people had this. :)

I also have one blue eye and the other one is half blue halfmoon yellowish. I didn't know that so many people had eyes like me. I thought i was the only one : p

My son is now 17months old and his left eye is bottom half bright blue and the top half brown and right eye is completely brown.<br />
My wife has been worried about it as no one we know has seen this before. Every one who meets him gets scared to ask what the go is.<br />
I am his dad and I think it is so cool and special, but I am wondering if his eyes will change with age or stay as is?

Ok, here's one for ya! I didn't start off with my different colored eyes. I have always had blue eyes until I was about 4 years old. Then my parents noticed that my eye was starting to turn brownish/green. I'm 21 years old now and my left eye is blue, and my right eye is half and half. The top haf is blue, and the bottom half is brownish/green. I had a great-grandmother who started off with blue eyes in her life, then as she got older both eyes turned greenish/brown. So far for the past couple of years the color in my eye hasn't moved any...thought it was weird!

My eyes I think are similar to yours. My left eye is half blue and half hazel. My right eye is blue. Its an intense blue. As is the blue of my left eye. Interesting you are a medical student. What are you specializing in? Your mom and dad similar eye color. Wonder if its genetic. My different colored eyes is caused by a genetic disorder, Waardenburg syndrome. In my case WS2.<br />
The bicolored eye is known too besides as sectoral heterochromium iridium, as heterochromatica iridis.

My son is 10 months old and he has one blue eye and one half blue and brown. I never seen anyone with eyes like his. I have brown eyes and his father has green eyes.

my kid has one eye half blue and brown....

MY eye changed to this for a few hours once but then went back. mine always changes between diff shades of blue and green and the right one has an orange streak in it! Not amber but orange :)

MY eye changed to this for a few hours once but then went back. mine always changes between diff shades of blue and green and the right one has an orange streak in it! Not amber but orange :)

37 year old dude here. Blue and then, as many of you, half brown half blue in the right eye. Directly horizontal, which is a bit different than some of your experiences, as people often don't notice until BAM, ten minutes into a conversation they sort of become befuddled and invariably smile when I do.<br />
<br />
Both parents have blue eyes. Everyone at least three generations back has had blue eyes. I'm magical. We should form a cult! :)

My daughter is 8 and her right eye is blue and her left eye is half brown and half blue. I was always worried she would grow to be self conscious about it, but everywhere we go people comment on how "cool" it is. It makes her feel like she's special and different...so she LOVES it!! What I think is most strange is that I have blue eyes and her dad has blue eyes too.

Awesome!!! My left eye is half blue and half brown (or rather a brown-amber color) and my right eye is all blue. Everyone I have talked to down the family line have never known a relative to have this. I have always thought it was really cool and unique! .....I think those of us with a two colored eye are Super Special!!!! :)

My great grandfather had one blue eye and one half blue half brown. Weirdly enough my eyes are hazel and one of them is not exactly half brown (and the color is more amber than brown) but a section of it is brown. As my dad kindly puts it, someone decided to color my eyes because I have a blue ring around the outer part and greenish blue middle with a brown sunburst (his words) around the pupil. Then of course in one is the brown section.People never called me a witch but they always think my eyes are yellow.

i also find it a good way to start conversations my left eye is blue and my right eye is half blue half brown/green in the 6:10 position

Yeah, I was told that I was a witch or that I was evil. The only thing I could say to that is, "THANKS!".

ohh and also i had a friend in grade school whos mother told me i was demonic... I wasnt allowed over ther anymore

I have a green eye and a half brown eye... Mine also replicate my parents.. mother brown and father green. Yes people are always amazed about it. SOmetimes people someone is talking to me all the sudden leans in very close to look closer.

I was also born with one eye blue and one eye half blue and the other half is like a orangish brown. I've met a couple people who have had this, we're not very common, but think we're just the coolest!

My son has exactly the same thing! I was looking it up and found this, his right eye is half brown and half blue, the left one is all blue. I wanted to know what was going on with that!

you have secritorial heterochromia

You know, its funny, now that there is a movie coming out about a girl who finds out that she had a twin in utero due to the fact that one of her eyes starts to change colors, my wife and brother are always kidding about how that will happen to me. Ha. I seriously doubt it, but a cool notion. Don't think I've ever seen practical magic, but maybe I'll check it out. Peace.