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I have two different coloured eyes and sometimes i love it and sometimes i hate it . I was never teased at school but being a shy boy i hated it when people made comment, and i know exactly what another person wrote about at school when we did a eye colour chart and the teacher had to try to explain to everyone else why my eyes were different and i got so embarassed. I have green eyes with one half hazel and the other quarter hazel which i believe is called sectoral heterochromia. As a kid it never really worried me but in recent years ive taken a more in depth look into it to find out all i could. i know there are some actors who have different coloured eyes such as Jane Seymour and Kate Bosworth but ive never actually met another person with eyes like me and i think this is fantastic to have this site, it makes me feel like im not alone and there are average joes and janes out there just like me. For me i think the worst thing about it is when you are talking in a group and then someone will notice and comment and i feel so awkward and i just get sick of explaining it. Anyway i was glad ive had a chance to get it all out on this fantastic site. Thankyou.

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I found this site which is great! I also have two different colour eyes, one is brown and my other is very dark brown. Its so dark you cant really see the iris. When im talking to peaple you can see them look from one eye to the other.I get quite self conscious about this. Most people dont mention it but to be honest i wish they did! The optician says its called Heterochromia. He also added he thought it was quite cool to have different coloured eyes which was nice! Oh im also left handed! Sarah

Sometimes I get sick of explaining my eye colors too. I tell them honestly its a genetic disorder

Don't worry I'm shy just like you and my ex best friend had different coloured eyes one blue and one with a bit of green in no one thought she was wierd but always asked why are your eyes are like that. They are elegant and makes you different to others which is good. Your original !