I Have Two Guides Inside Me

i have two influencers inside me-a strong one and a sensitiveone,they are heping me....still need their help,the strong one is screaming at me when the sensitive one is talking to me and i feel so crazy....but they are just my influencers,but i can't hear them evrytime...so  i have more than 2 persons inside me...

PhedoRuka PhedoRuka
18-21, F
8 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I have this exact thing, i'm not sure if there are just these two, also they're not just influencing me, sometimes i think they are me.. i'm really confused about this..

I do not know about two persons but sometimes I feel as if there is one person inside of me who represent the best in me I saw her the first time in a dream suddenly she was in my life as if she is part of my soul always making me do my best

I dont know about 2 people inside me, but sometimes I definitly feel like there are 2 people talking, discussing inside my head 0_0

Haha,is not a illness,it's just me...ruling myself...

Hmmm...Split personality disorder?just jk!

omg no! its about my personalitty!

so you are having triplets?