The Arrival Of My Second Dog Didn't Go So Well.

This has passed now. So i got my Greyhound Lili in June last year from the RSPCA well when i say i, i mean me, my mum, dad and sister. We had already had a home inspection so we could take Lily home that very moment yay.


Any way she didn't like the car and refused to go in so dad had to lift her in mch to her  dislike. Then on the way hom me and my sister had to hold on to her for dear life because she wouldn't lay down and she was falling all about the place and then theres me telling dad to drive more carefully. Well when had got home both me and the dog were glad to get out the car, me mainy because Lily had got very nervus on the way ad she drooled all over my kneas.  When introduced her to my older dog we took them to nuetral ground. However my older dog went straight to sniff her face. She didn't like that and did her best to bite his face. My older dog is a little slow so my dad had to pull him back. We decided to take them home and we let Sam in first to show Lily he is the dominant one. My sister took Lily around the house so she could settle a little. meanwhile i had to keep hold of Sam because Lily would go for him when ever he went near her and guess were he wanted to be. My dad and my sister argued a little my sister saying don't let sam near her and my dad saying he's gonna have to come off the lead at some point to day.  Then we let them both off the lead in the back garden and Lily was trying to keep away from sam but sam was constantly trying to mount her. Well Lily wasn't having any of it and she snapped at him. Then we got a glimpse of how big her teeth were. They are bigger then what were used to. Sam finnaly got the message and backed off a little. However Lily still snareld at himwhen he walked past her. they both eventualy gave it a break and settled in different rooms. Lily in the living room and sam in the kitchen. Then we found Lily didn't like sharing as sam wanted to go on her bed but she snareld... again. sam wasn't getting the message so she went for him. With me diving to stop her of corse. She was like this with food as well. The  again sam shouldn't try and take her food ad he knows this now.  Lily was so nervus we had to lead her up and take her out side because she would not move from her bed. Also for the first day or two she wouldn't eat.  Any way now they only a disagreement every blue moon and even they are followed with a kiss and make up (cute) So did any one else have this problem? if so how can we get around the biting? because when sam goes mum wants a german shepard well she wont be getting one straight away if i have any thing to say about it.

lilyismygreyhound lilyismygreyhound
18-21, F
Feb 11, 2010