Why Two

We, mammals, have two nostrils, two ears, two hands and feet and two eyes, indeed.  We have two halves in our brain.  Why?


Why don't we have just one eye like the Cyclopes, in the middle of our forehead?  We would have a panoramic outlook.  Yet we would miss a lot.  There is two worlds to see, the inside and the outside.  When we look at the outside, we do it with our inside eyes.

There's two sides to every coin.  There's two realities.  There is a clear distinction between the objective and the subjective.  Even the worst event has a silver lining.  Even the rosiest has a darker spot somewhere.

We have two eyes in order to see.  We are supposed to use both, even agnostics will agree.


When you look in the eyes when a story is told, you'll see the story and the narrator.  Both are equally important.  They are indivisible one, even if they avoid to play a role.

Think with your heart and feel with your head and you'll know why we have pairs.

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56-60, M
Feb 14, 2010