One Foot In Each Of Two Worlds.

I am a citizen of two nations. I have two passports. I had to work for one of these national citizenships; the other was handed to me without my requesting it. People ask me if I am a dual citizen. In a sense I am, but I am 100% each of them. It does not split 50/50. Some say: "pick one, you can't be both." Of course I can; I am. I speak more than two languages; I am not an ardent defender of national borders. We are all part of this one, big, great globe, the orbis terrarum (as the ancient Romans referred to their world encircling the Mediterranean Sea). A friend of mine from Pakistan refers to the large landmass identified as the contiguous continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa as "the big island." I like that. I wish there were fewer borders and less nationalism, but that is the world we live in. Love life; love your neighbor; and let's meet in the middle.
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1 Response Oct 3, 2010

You're citizenship(s) best describe your character. Or perhaps one is more stronger than the other, which reveals of the physical feature, as i have seen from your album.

It was my intention to visit your older posts, and have started from the oldest.