Most people haven't seen? I can't think of a single person who's seen my true dark side. 98% of the time, my good side shows, and I am able to express that part of myself to others. The other 2% I try and stay away from people. I hate that side of me so much, that even I don't like seeing it. It is there. It's not an easy thing to talk about. I wish I knew how to be rid of it. :(
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It's the 2 percent that is in the way of you and happiness. You can never be rid if it don't even try. What you could do is look on it with a little gentleness and compassion. That part of you is very confused. It believes that suffering is legitimate. It's the one talking when it says I wish I was rid of it. It hates itself. Turn that around. Love you entirely. Your love and your hatred.

I'm so curious to know that 2%.

I gave a hint of it in one of my experiences.

It's not something I like repeating. And while I wrote about it here, I didn't go into detail as to how bad it sometimes gets. :(

Well, I did technically post about it here. That wasn't easy to do at all, and even though I already shared it, it's still not very easy to talk about.