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i was 7 yrs old when i started tohelp my dad  raise my 2 sisters because my parents had gotten a divorce and my mom had little sister who is now 10 has FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) because my mother drank during her pregnacy and my second sister is now 12 going on13. When i was younger though i was like their mother and as i got older i was the one at the art shows,concerts,dance recitals and other functions not my parents.I felt it was my job to make sure my sisters were able to be kids and not grow up so fast like i had to. I didnt want them to see the reality of what our life had become a alcoholic mother,a father who travels during the week, a grandfather who had two heart attacks,and a grandmother who just couldnt take care of us anymore. It is present day now and my little sister is like my training daughter everytime she comes home from school she runs to me with the smile that never goes away and gives me the biggest hug she could possibly give and hands me an arts and crafts project or a 100% she got on a spelling test and to know that she has that disability in life and she can pull through i know that all of us can do second sister and i have also become extremlely closeand she makes me laugh every single day.We share a bond that could never be broken.Its crazy to think that 9 years ago we were sitting in my room on my rocking chair with me holding my little sister in my arms and keeping my second sister occupied so she wouldnt hear the fighting from my parents. Now my sisters are the most important thing in my life i would do anything for them.

I was 7 at the of all of us and now im a senior in high school its funny how time can just be pulled away so fast bu,t your memories will be kept forever......
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impressive story, and touching. Much respect and fair play to ya. The brave, the few, the cutiepieecb19. <br />
tell me, how does FAS impact ur sister?