I Wasn't Sure There Were Many Others.

Ive had tylosis since birth,I'm now 51 years young and have luckily not found it to have affected my life too much. school was the hardest as kids can be so cruel but once i turned 15 lifes been great. I was the ist in the family to have it so a lot of specialist appointments to try to find out what it was. At one stage they (the doctors ) said they would cut it off when i got older thank god by then they knew better, my poor hands and feet. I was born and lived in england for the first 10 years and they use to get real sore in the cold and grew thicker, then we moved to west australia and going to the beach sogging in the ocean and walking in the sand was a natural pumice stone.strange genetic defect!!!
zoegenese zoegenese
51-55, F
Sep 12, 2012