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I take lantus, but I don't use pump. I feel extremely stressed when I don't know the amount of carbohydrates on the menus. I'd like to know what you do.
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Here’s a website my nurse and dietician gave me when I first went on the pump 3 years ago. it’s great. You can get anything from fast food places to some more common restaurant/bar type places, and if you’re going out for “fine food” then you can just look up the individual items. I believe there may even be a phone app for this site now. I hope this helps.

I know what you mean! I'm on humalog shots for fast-acting insulin, and it kills me to guess on carbs a lot because I hate the thought of having to give myself another shot to make up for guessing wrong. The fewer shots the better.<br />
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The dietitian I saw gave me this Calorie King book which has been a godsend. They come out every year and are small enough to fit in your purse. If you don't have a dietitian, maybe your endocrinologist or primary care doc can get you one.

I have a Food Counts book, with restaurants in it, but it is like outdated. They have websites where you can look that stuff up though. I have had diabetes so long, I just approximate by what it looks like according to size, etc. Be careful, however, when doing approximations. I usually stick to eating the same foods, it is easier for me. Also I eat mostly nuts, beans, fruits and vegetables, greens, eggs, poultry, fish, and lean meats, excluding grains, flour, bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, milk and other foods that aggravate blood sugar. Fruit and insulin work well together, since fruit are natural carbs. Careful with juices though, as they are more rapid acting. It takes a lot of experimentation, but good luck to you!

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I don't know what others do, but my usual non-restaurant meat is planned to be around 60 grms of carbs and I take 6 units of fast acting insulin. For restaurants I usually steer toward lower carb options and add a couple of units and go 8. If I know it is not low-carb, like pizza or pasta I will add a couple more. I think it's safer not to over do the insulin. You can always test in a couple of hours and bolus again if need be. Don't freak out about it.<br />
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It's coming up on my one year anniversary with Type 1.<br />
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