I Had Tht Diabetic Type 1 Since I Was Baby About Around Maybe 13 Or 16 Months Old

of course this long stories i had ever then... that time was 1986 which that year i was born in winter time.. i dont know how long i was staying in hospital but which that hospital CHLA is part say that children's hospital i was saying that it probably i have long est lame stories but most of u think that stories of me how survive and also i have another healthly problem was not big deal but diabetes can affect new shut down so i became deaf.. that 2 things i have to deal with.. so anyways years went by start i went to elementary school but my parents never prepared but they knew wht happen to me and when nurse office call my parents that i was blood sugar low and nurse thought they had to call 911 but my aprents say no they came to me and took me home.. and now there new learn coming up so years went by in about 4 or 6 grade i never knew why i did gone to nurse office when my friends ask me why and they think i had alot of trouble to nurse office and i never why.. so by that time to middle school still i dont know why i keep going to nurse office because my parents never talk about diabetes because they dont know how to speak with me when i am hard of hearing but it make me look like i am dumb to have on drugs.. then i realize i have to learn on my own rescreah about why do i have insulin so when i became freshman i had no choice but look website and i finally why i have this and all those years make me so depression and took my freedom away because i never had birthday parties for years and sleepovers... so i realize i havr to find a way so i decide to pretend i took care of myself which mean i never took inuslin for like regular daily so i took 2 year when i turn 16 yrs old and i finaly hear my doctor say insulin pump will change my life but 3 days later went trip to hospital and staying there for almost 2 weeks that i have missed school..so years went by i graduate and ran away after i grad.. so i found my husband and i told him about who am i to have diabetes and my husband is hard of hearing but act like deaf.. so he accpet me and so i am happy married him young one so we married for 7 years and i had insulin pump again because i have 2 beautiful kids and i need find my happiness again so i got all better but my depression were always there and never go away because i want to have normal life but i hope anyone who have same relate me this story...
deafbratz deafbratz
Dec 8, 2012